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Delicious Homemade Cat Treats

Cat treats made from canned cat food - use your cats favourite flavor....make sure it's NOT cat food in gravy

This is a very simple recipe, tested and approved by Morty!

1. Open the can and shake the loaf of cat food out of the can

2. Cut the loaf into 1/4" thick slices and then cut into bite-sized pieces

3. Bake the bite sized pieces on an un-greased baking sheet at 175 deg or Gas number 4, for approximately 30 minutes or until crispy

4. Let them cool and watch your cat enjoy!



Salmon Cat Treats

1. Pulse a can of salmon in a food processor until chopped up finely

2. Combine the salmon, egg and flour together in a bowl until it forms a dough

3. Roll out the dough to 1/4" thickness on a floured surface

4. Cut into bite sized pieces

5. Put the treats on a baking sheet and bake at 175 deg or gas mark 4 for approximately 20 minutes 

Homemade cat treats will keep for a couple of

weeks if stored properly in a air tight container....

but I bet they won't last that long!

As always, when introducing your pet to new foods, do it slowly